With increasing amounts of Data about the world being gathered, human’s have gained more insight into how people think, behave and interact with society and our environment at large. This has led to a revolution in the way we do things today, from purchasing groceries online to dating to running a political campaign. Our ability to understand this Data, grows by leaps and bounds everyday.


The  Cognition, Robotics, and Learning (CORAL) lab (run by Dr. Tim Oates) is one of UMBC‘s premier research lab’s which works on a wide variety of interesting problems in the area of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Social Media. Our projects look at a wide variety of interesting problems using Knowledges Bases to improve Machine Learning methods to applying improvising natural language processing to looking at interesting patterns on twitter data. The possibilities for data driven research are simply endless.


We are always looking for new ideas and challenges and love to hear what you have to say! Drop Us a note anytime with your thoughts!


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